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If you are using the old versions of the Ms office pack, then it's time to switch to home and student 2019. As the office updates itself frequently and from time to time, it has launched its new version, for example, the MS office setup 2019 full Package. Just quickly go to the Microsoft store and purchase the all-new office package. This Package consists of properly fixed bugs with newly added features. The MS home and student 2019 comes with the pro plus version, which is a relevant option for simple documentary work. So let's start and look at how one must purchase the office as well as install it on his/her windows Pc.

To Purchase the Office Setup Home and Student 2019

There are many ways to purchase the office setup and some are listed below home and student 2019

From Online Microsoft store:

Just open your browser and search for the Microsoft app store. Search for Microsoft office's latest version and purchase it by various payment gateways.

From Online Shopping sites

Microsoft home & student 2019 is also available on various shopping sites such as Amazon, Flipkart, and many more. If you are a citizen of the united states or United kingdom then Amazon is the best site for purchasing a Microsoft office setup pack.

From Offline Retail Store

Nowadays office package is available in the offline stores. You have to just visit the stores and buy them from there. when you purchase it, there is no CD inside the package. The only thing you get is the product key.

Processing the home and student 2019 package after purchasing

Processing the office package includes downloading as well as installing it.

To download the Microsoft office application home student 2019
  1. Unpack the Microsoft package and read the manual given properly.
  2. Note down the office product key if visible. If not then scratch it out and make it visible and then note it down.
  3. Open any web browser and search for
  4. Click on the sign-in button upper right corner of Microsoft windows.
  5. Now click on the create one button in the blue font of the next appearing windows
  6. Then input the email address registered on your name in the blank space and click next.
  7. You can use your phone number also as well as you can create an email from Microsoft too.
  8. Now put in a strong password and it will ask for your full name. Put your full name i.e. first name as well as last name.
  9. Then select your country of residence as the United States and select your date of birth.
  10. Now Microsoft will ask you for a verification code sent on your mail. Enter it and click next
  11. Now solve the puzzle and complete the process of verification.
  12. Your MS office account is created successfully.
  13. Now login to your created account and select the package for download.
  14. Open the download office pack and select the operating system as windows.
  15. Then click on the download button and the download process will start automatically.

Now let's Install the downloaded office setup software

office setup home & student 2019
  • Open the folder in which you have downloaded the software of the home and student 2019 or locate the downloaded software.
  • Open the folder or extract the file if the file is zipped.
  • Then click on the setup option present inside the software folder.
  • Then a user account control panel will appear on your screen. Give the user account permission by clicking on the yes button.
  • Now the windows installer will open that will direct you to the correct installation process.
  • There are four options available i.e. add or remove features, repair, remove and enter the product key.
  • Click on the enter office setup home & student 2019 product key option and click on the next button present in the lowermost corner.
  • Now put the product key correctly and click on the continue option.

Note: Product key is a 25 digit key code that is required for the verification of the user. Don't share it with anyone as well as note it down while scratching it. The product key can be like kgfvy-7733b-8wck9-ktg64-bc7d8.

  • Now select the language of installation as Microsoft office provides many language human interfaces
  • Select any language according to your will and click on continue.
  • Then tick on the agreement check box and read the agreement carefully and click on continue.
  • Now click on the install option and the installation process will start.
  • You will need to wait up till the installation finishes.
  • Once the installation finishes the home and student 2019 pack is ready for usage.